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Summer 2014 Favorites

Summer 2014 Beauty Favorites

Summer 2014 Beauty Favorites

I spent last week volunteering at The Barclay’s golf tournament here in New Jersey, thus marking the beginning of the end of my summer. But before we dive into fall’s organized chaos, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite beauty discoveries from summer 2014.

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment: I bought a sample of this at the Birchbox store, and have used it after every shampoo since. I have the driest hair on the planet, and this stuff really helps. Plus it smells amazing!

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque: I loved the Healing Oil Treatment so much, I went out and bought the masque! I comb it through my hair, put on a shower cap, and take a nap. When I wake up, I shampoo, and my hair is as soft and shiny as a baby’s behind. BTW, both the Healing Oil Treatment and the Deep Repair Masque are safe for color-treated hair, and did not fade my highlights.

Egyptian Magic Cream: Another Birchbox store discovery. I hate it when my knuckles get all cracked and bleeding from the cold or my hands feel dry from harsh antibacterial soaps. Egyptian Magic Cream could be my answer to chapped hands this winter. And this multitasker helps heal cuts and treats dry, scaly patches, too.

M.D. Complete Skincare by Dr. Brian Zelickson: I have really noticed a difference in my skin since I started using this. It feels nice and light on my face, and my fine lines and wrinkles have definitely become less noticeable. I plan to buy more when my current stash runs out.

Tell me: What new faves did you discover this summer?




Goodshop App

Goodshop app

Goodshop app

Goodshop, the site that lets you earn money for your favorite cause by shopping at your favorite e-tailers, recently launched its Goodshop app for iOS. And yes, fellow beauty junkies, it has plenty of deals at places like Sephora, Ulta, Bobbi Brown, Origins, and Avon.

The app lets you track how much money both you and the Goodshop community have raised for your cause to date. You also get alerts on your iPhone or iPad letting you know about new deals and coupons, and how much money your purchase just raised for your cause.

Goodshop works with more than 5,000 retailers, and donates up to 30 percent of each purchase to the charity of your choice. The company donates to more than 100,000 non-profits and schools, and has raised more than $11 million to date, Colin Morris, VP of product at parent company Goodsearch, told me.

So, how does it work? When you register with Goodshop and shop with one of its retail partners, that merchant pays Goodshop a referral fee, which it splits 50/50 with your charity of choice, Morris said. No extra cost to you.

Have an Android device? No problem. You have full access to the Goodshop web site through the browser on your phone or tablet, said Morris. He did mention the company may add an Android platform in the future.

Goodsearch was founded in 2006 by the brother-sister team of Ken and JJ Ramberg. It started by raising 1 cent for every Internet search done on its Yahoo!-powered search engine, and quickly expanded with the Goodshop web site in 2007. In addition to shopping for a cause, Goodsearch now lets you give back when dining out (Gooddining), playing online games (Goodgames), taking surveys (Goodsurveys), and traveling (Goodtravel).

Do good and update my makeup and skin care for fall? Yes, please!

Will you check out Goodshop and its sister sites?





Mizon Snail Repair Cream and Burt’s Bees Mini-Haul

I have two new faves to share: Mizon Snail Repair Cream and Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons! Since my trip to Urban Outfitters to check out the new in-store beauty section, I planned to order the Mizon online or go into the city. Life happened (OK, I was lazy), so I ordered online, and the Snail Repair Eye Cream and the Black Snail All-In-One Cream arrived two days ago.

I have been wanting to try Korean beauty products for a while, and so far, so good. It feels great on my skin, and I am starting to see a difference in terms of brightness and skin tone.

Mizon Snail Repair Cream

Mizon Snail Repair Cream

Moving on to Burt’s Bees, I have been dying to try their Lip Crayons since I read about them in Glamour. I had a tough week (my washing machine broke), so I figured now was the perfect time to treat myself. (Like I needed an excuse.)

You know I love my Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers, and now I love these, too! They have a matte finish, but didn’t dry out my lips, even when I was running errands (and going to the laundromat). And they are less than $10. Not bad!

I got Hawaiian Smolder (right), a blue-pink, and Niagara Overlook (left), a peachier pink. A nice segue into fall! (And I bet they can pull a beauty McGuyver and pinch hit as a blush.)

Burt's Bees Lip Crayons

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons

Anyone have some new favorites to share? Please do!


Memebox and K-Beauty

Memebox Mother's Day Box

Memebox Mother’s Day Box

I recently discovered Memebox, an online store for all things Korean beauty (a.k.a. K-beauty), via this post in BeautyBlitz. So I called up Sulin Yeo, brand strategy manager for Memebox (pronounced “me-me” box), to learn more.

Yeo said the company was founded in Korea in 2012, and moved to San Francisco at the end of last year.

What sets Memebox apart from other beauty box e-tailers is that it is not subscription based. You can purchase a box (or several) as often as you want.

Each box contains 4-7 deluxe-size samples and full-size products centered around a particular skin care concern or theme. The company also offers “Superboxes,” which contain only full-size products. Some Superboxes are specially curated by influencers and bloggers. Said Yeo, “We source everything from Korea, where we have over 680 brand partnerships.”

Memebox offers an Antiaging Box and a Collagen Box to help you win the battle against fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. I am getting the Collagen Box. I can’t wait, and will definitely do a follow-up post when it arrives!

And yes, the site has a Memeshop, where you can purchase full size versions of your new K-beauty faves.

When I asked Yeo about the name Memebox, she told me the company was named after a popular doll named “Mimi,” a Korean version of Barbie. She said it is spelled Memebox, because “We felt beauty should be all about the individual and the self – hence ‘Me, me’.”

I know I have mentioned K-beauty products before. Did you know that although BB cream was invented in Germany, it first gained popularity in Korea? K-beauty products are rumored to be amazing, and score bonus points for not being too expensive. Memeboxes are less than $30, and Superboxes pretty much run less than $40. Value Sets, which feature two or more boxes, are a little pricier.

Have you tried Korean beauty products? Will you log on to Memebox?