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Sarah Loves Makeup

Sarah of Sarah Loves Makeup

Sarah of Sarah Loves Makeup

I want to start a series on here that spotlights bloggers I love. First up: the lovely Sarah, over on Sarah Loves Makeup. What I love about Sarah and her blog is that she posts regularly, unlike (ahem!) yours truly (cough!). She shares the names of her favorites and pics of her latest hauls to inspire you as you plan a beauty supply run. Whether you splurge on prestige makeup and skin care or stick with drug store staples, Sarah gives you options. She also has some great style ideas, too, if your wardrobe needs an update.

Sarah was kind enough to take time from her law school studies to answer a few questions for me via e-mail.

When did you first become beauty obsessed?

I don’t remember at what age I became obsessed with beauty. I think somewhere between 6th and 7th grade. For as far back as I can remember, though, I was always enamored with my mother’s Estee Lauder and Lancome cosmetics collections.

What are your earliest beauty-related memories?

The most vivid memory I have is going to the Bobbi Brown counter and picking out the ‘Rose Sugar’ lip gloss (back in the day when Bobbi’s glosses were considerably smaller, and had a brush, rather than a doe-foot, applicator). I must have gone through four or five tubes of that stuff! Speaking of which, I think I need to pick this shade up for old-times sake!Who are your beauty idols?

My beauty idols would have to be Bobbi Brown, because I used to want to be her (seriously, I wanted to go to Emerson College, because that’s where she went), and because I adore her natural approach to beauty. And Charlotte Tilbury, because she is the queen of the smokey eye, and has created some of the most gorgeous makeup looks I have ever laid my eyes on!What are your top 5 beauty must-haves?

My five beauty must-haves:

1. Glossier Skin Tint: This is new, but I am already completely obsessed with this light, glowy skin tone perfecting product

2. Eyelash curlers: I curl my eyelashes even when I don’t apply mascara

3. Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara: It adds volume and length while still looking natural

4. L’Oreal Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner: This eyeliner close to the upper lash-line thickens the lash line, and just looks really pretty

5. Le Metier de Beaute Cheek and Lip Tint: It adds natural color and glow, and really works on both lips and cheeks!

Thank you, Sarah, for taking the time to help a fellow beauty blogger out! And good luck on your law school finals!

Do you have a favorite blogger you follow? Let me know in the comments if there is anyone you think I should feature!

Amy Poehler’s Yes Please

YesPleaseHC_hiresSorry for the radio silence everybody. I have been very busy with school. But now that one of my classes is over, I’m ready to get back to business. The folks at HarperCollins were kind enough to send me a copy of Amy Poehler’s memoir Yes Please, which I highly recommend. Amy has a few thoughts on topics such as being yourself, getting plastic surgery, and turning back time. For example:

Know and embrace your “currency,” or what makes you special: “If you are lucky, there is a moment in your life when you have some say as to what your currency is going to be. Decide what your currency is early. Let go of what you will never have. People who do this are happier and sexier.”

Amy’s Plastic Surgery Haiku (pp. 26-27): “Can I be honest? You look like a lady from the Broadway show Cats.” The other haikus are just as hilarious.

Fighting the aging process: “You know those exercise pools where the water comes at you strong and you have to swim against it to build your strength? That’s what the social pressure of staying young feels like. Fighting aging is like the War on Drugs. It’s expensive, does more harm than good, and has been proven to never end.”

Amy is a wise woman. I admire Poehler for owning her currency, namely improvisation and sketch comedy, and making it really work for her.

Think you’ll check out Amy’s book?