CocoMe Bodystick and Lipelixir

CocMe Bodystick and Lipelixir

CocMe Bodystick and Lipelixir

A few weeks ago, I went to the Healthy Brand Showcase here in New York City. There, I met Lisa Wurtz, the innovative entrepreneur behind the new beauty brand CocoMe. Frustrated by how messy and impractical it is to use coconut oil that comes in a jar, Wurtz figured out a way to mix it with beeswax and package it as a bodystick and lip balm. The whole idea is to make coconut oil feasible and fun to use as a skin care product, said Wurtz. I have been using the CocoMe Bodystick and Lipelixir lip balm, and love them! They smell great and yes, they are easy to use.

Necessity: The mother of this mom’s invention

After her daughter, Charlotte, was born, Wurtz switched to more natural skin care and beauty products. She really loved using coconut oil. “I just thought it was the best thing I’ve ever used on my skin, even including all the moisturizers that I’ve tried,” Wurtz told me on the phone. She said the only thing she didn’t like about using it was that it was not user friendly.

“Its in a jar, its hard at room temperature, and you have to use a spoon to get it out,” Wurtz explained. Yuck. “It is great to use because it does absorb so quickly, but it was ridiculous! I was dripping it all over myself and my carpet,” she said. Wurtz knew there had to be a better way to use coconut oil. “If I could just put it in a stick, that would really solve my problem,” she said.

And so CocoMe was born. “I didn’t want to mess too much with the coconut oil, and organic beeswax was a natural fit,” said Wurtz. The coconut oil and beeswax bodystick and lip balm are stable at room temperature. You can take it with you or keep it in your house, and it stays intact, Wurtz said.

Nature’s most perfect beauty hack

You may have heard coconut oil has many uses as a beauty and skin care product. Kelli Bartlett, director of makeup artistry for Glamsquad, told me that, among other things, it can be mixed with a shimmery, loose powder to make a luminizer or dabbed on a cotton pad for a makeup remover.

Coconut oil also has antimicrobial properties, and people with skin conditions like eczema often find it very soothing, Wurtz said. I did not know this. So much for my Master’s in bio. FYI, the bodystick has really helped the itchy patches I get behind my ears. You’re welcome.

Down the line, Wurtz said she has a few ideas she’s looking into. She would love to do a line of lip balms tinted with natural, plant-based tints. She would also love to do something with a natural SPF. I’d definitely try those.

You can buy the CocoMe Bodystick and Lipelixir online. At $3 to $15, it won’t break the bank, but will spare your carpet.

What are your favorite beauty and skin care hacks for coconut oil? Would you use it in a bodystick like the one from CocoMe?


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