Product Review: Finding Ferdinand

I had a favorite uncle named Ferdinand. We called him Fred. He passed away 24 years ago, but I will always have a soft spot for those names. So after I saw this post about the makeup line Finding Ferdinand, I somehow found myself at FF headquarters in NYC

What makes Finding Ferdinand particularly cool is the app that allows you to create your own lipstick. I have been dying to create my own custom lipstick forever, and the team graciously gave me a demo.

After you download the app, you choose one of three lipstick finishes: matte, sheer, or creamy. Then you choose up to four pigments from a total of 16. The pigments range from mauve to bright orange to true red to taupe-y nude, so everyone will find something. You use the slider to determine the percentage of each pigment you want in your custom color.

After you design your color, you can save the “formula” in the app for future reorders. You can even name your color! Your product is shipped to you in about three business days.

I love how they emboss the logo on the bullet!

The look I was going for was a mauve-y pink, like the shade Jacqueline from Julie Hewett Los Angeles. I choose a creamy finish that is 60 percent Au Naturel (a beige taupe), 100 percent Pink Pizazz (a 60s-inspired bright pink), and 80 percent Creamy Mauve. I named my shade Pashmina, after my beautiful girl who passed away in August. (I wasn’t sure how Uncle Fred would feel about having a lipstick named after him.)

Pashmina: As beautiful as the lipstick she inspired.

A full-size custom lipstick is $30, but the sample-size custom is just $6! The mini size is perfect for your bag or travel. At just $6 a pop, you could even create a few different colors. And the creamy finish stands up to eating and drinking, and doesn’t dry out your lips.

How cute is this mini lipstick?!

Your lipstick comes in this envelope

Finding Ferdinand also has customizable eye shadow and blush/bronzer/highlighter palettes. You can pick from 60 eye shadows, 10 blushes, three bronzers, and two highlighters.

“We believe that beauty trends of the future will be created by the customer, so customization has always been a major part of the Finding Ferdinand DNA,” founder Nhu Le told Allure. “I really wanted each and every customer to be able to create something that they would love and love to use.”

The lipsticks and palettes comes with a sheet of stickers, so you can indulge your inner teen queen. I did.

It’s enough to make you want to decorate a Trapper Keeper!

According to a company spokeswoman, Le was inspired to name the brand Finding Ferdinand after learning the story of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella while studying abroad in Spain. The name is up to individual interpretation, however, and represents the search for and discovery of those things in life that make you feel like the best you.

Tell me. Have you ever created a custom lipstick color, or customized a makeup palette? It’s usually pretty pricey, so this is a one off for me, but it was such a treat!

This year, I’m doing the Eyecandy Project 52 photography challenge. Every week, we have to take a picture inspired by a prompt, such as From Above. Some prompts are relevant to the time of year, some are more evergreen. I’m thinking I’ll post my more successful efforts here about once a quarter. Wish me luck!

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