Lifestyle: Sunglasses from Serengeti Eyewear

Hi Guys. I got a new pair of sunglasses back in March, right as the lock down was happening.* So I wanted to jump on here today to let you know how much I have been loving them this summer!

The shades are from a company called Serengeti Eyewear, and the style I picked is called Lela, a 50s-inspired look. My love of all things vintage knows no bounds! I choose the brown and rose gold color combination. I have been wearing them exclusively since I got them. Even to things like outdoor yoga classes!

I’ve noticed I am not squinting at all when i wear them. With gradually adjusting Photochromic lenses and glare-reducing Polarization, they really do block the rays. And Spectral Control technology keeps colors crisp and clear. In bright sunlight or while driving, I see clearly and comfortably.

These glasses are also pretty durable. I’ve dropped them a few times (OK, more than a few), and they don’t have a scratch! They look just as new as the day I got them. The only thing? They didn’t come with a case. But maybe that’s not a big deal, if you already have a case you like. And yes, Serengeti sunglasses can be made to fit your prescription.

You can check out all the different Serengeti Eyewear looks here. And you can find Serengeti Eyewear on Amazon or at optical stores across the country.

Tell me. Are you particular about your sunglasses? Do you have a brand/style you really love? Tell me about it in the comments!

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* The sunnies were sent to me for my review. Opinions are my own.

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