Let’s Talk About Pandemic Fatigue

The water was so still it acted as a mirror.

Hi all! Yes, it’s been a while. I think pandemic fatigue has finally gotten to me. I just have not been creatively inspired lately, to be honest. Even photography, which I genuinely enjoy, has fallen by the wayside.

The winter weather hasn’t been helping, either. But we are finally seeing some signs of spring here in NJ. That said, I have recently finished an online photography class given by the International Center for Photography in New York City. I’m hoping I’ll feel more inspired to pick up my camera once the weather warms up, and I want to be ready.

One cool thing I did do was take two outdoor photo treks in January with a Meetup group I’m in. Both treks were out in western New Jersey, which was fun for me, because I am not really familiar with that part of the state. One was to Carnegie Lake near Princeton (see above and below).

My fave shot from Carnegie Lake. I love the pop of blue.

The other trek was a hike up the red dot trail on Mt. Tammany, near the NJ/Pennsylvania border. And I mean it. was. a. hike. I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but apparently I’m not. For my efforts, I got four decent pics. My fave:

I was going for the reflections in this puddle, but I’m not sure if I actually got there. Unfortunately the weather was pretty overcast on both treks. I want to go back and do them again in sunnier weather. I also want to photograph the waterfalls along the blue dot trail at Mount Tammany. When I do, I promise I’ll post the pics.

As of April 5, journalists and members of the press in NJ will be eligible for the vaccine. I can’t wait to see people in person again, and burn my black yoga leggings.

So how is everyone holding up, more than a year into the pandemic? Let’s keep each other going in the comments!

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