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Fabulous Links: R.I.P. Luke Perry

Before Ryan Gosling and ‘Hey, girl’, Perry’s smoldering gaze made women melt.

Is there anything else to discuss this week but the untimely death of Luke Perry? I don’t watch Riverdale, but I have seen Beverly Hills, 90210. No one was effortlessly cooler than Perry’s Dylan McKay. The man made half-undone overalls look cool!

Dylan was a brooding loner, and the bad boy your mother warned you about. You hated yourself for loving him, but that’s what your teens and early 20s are for: hopeless crushes on mysterious men with an air of danger about them.

You wanted to save them from themselves, but your efforts were futile. The quest for redemption made them a bigger challenge, and more interesting, than the jocks and science nerds. Besides, what Mom never knew never hurt her.

By all accounts, Perry himself was a very nice guy, and a devoted family man. If you haven’t read the tribute to Perry by Entertainment Weekly‘s Kristen Baldwin, click here. It’s beautifully written.

Kristen is one of my favorite pop culture/TV journalists. And she humors me by occasionally liking my replies to her tweets.

Oh, I forgot. There is one thing that has happened in the beauty/wellness space we need to talk about. Remember how in the President’s Day Fabulous Links, I mentioned CBD oil is the new ‘it ingredient’ ? Now Martha Stewart has partnered with Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth to advise them on the development of cannabis-based products. I’ve always thought Martha was a marketing genius, so it’s interesting she is getting into the cannabis space. (CNN Business) I don’t think the space is done growing, pardon the pun. (Beauty Independent)

And this week on the blog, I rocked my Purrberry/Burberry bracelet from Purfect Bracelets.

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