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K-Beauty and the Korean Culture and Tourism Festival

Yesterday I went into Manhattan, and walked around the Korean Culture and Tourism Festival being held in Times Square. The e-mail inviting me to the event promised some Korean beauty (or K-beauty) brands would be featured, so I was in. It was a gorgeous day, and yes, leading K-beauty brand TonyMoly was there doing makeup and product demos.

The New York Times reported TonyMoly opened a flagship store this summer in New York City’s Koreatown neighborhood. I’m dying to go and stock up. If I do (OK, when I do), I’ll post and do product reviews. I want to try some of the sheet masks pictured above and the Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream. Because pandas.

And I get my makeup done, too. It looked really pretty, but I know it’s hard to tell from the photo below. The sun was very bright.

MeinTimesSquareIs anyone else as into K-beauty as I am? Let me know what you’ve tried, and what you thought, in the comments!