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Product Review: Trestique

Trestique Beauty

Trestique Beauty

At Generation Beauty, Trestique, one of the expo’s featured brands, caught my eye. Trestique is a new line of makeup crayons and pencils designed to reduce your makeup routine to about five minutes flat.

The brand has everything covered: brows, eyes, lips, cheeks, moisturizer, and bronzer. The only thing that’s missing is a mascara. I’d love to see what Trestique co-founders Jenn Kapahi and Jack Bensason would come up with lash-wise.

I think Trestique is innovative, and just really cool. It’s particularly great for women who travel a lot for work.

I followed up with Jenn by phone, and she explained how Trestique is first-to-market. All of the products have magnetic closures, so they don’t leak all over the place in your bag. As a person who had a lipstick ruin the inside of her favorite Juicy Couture purse, I appreciate this feature. Besides, I just like things that adhere magnetically, like the power cord on my Mac Book.

Each product comes with a detachable smudger/sponge or brush on one end. If it gets funky, no problem. Just toss it and order a replacement. The tools are sold separately! And the lip crayons have color-matched lip balms that you can order separately, too. The eyeliner pencils have a sharpener that clicks into the smudger. One thing I never would have thought of is the blotting paper cartridge designed to go with the tinted moisturizer stick.

I bought the lip crayon in Nammos Pink, and the eyeliner pencils in Roman Bronze and Swiss Chocolate.* And the day two goody bag had a mini lip crayon in Chili Red. At the show, the brand was giving away mini eye shadow crayons with each purchase, so I picked Marimoto Pink Pearl and Kona Coffee. I particularly love the eyeliners. These creamy pencils go on and smudge like a dream. I wore them on a date, and they stayed put the entire time.

The product quality and innovation does not surprise me, though, because Jenn and Jack have a long history in the beauty industry. Jack worked in the industry in Israel, before going to Intercos, the Italian company that manufactures Trestique’s products. And Jenn, a makeup artist, also worked at Intercos and did product development for Revlon.

Trestique is one of a handful of beauty companies that market directly to the consumer, much like Beautycounter. Jenn spoke to WWD recently about this new trend in beauty. So for now, you can check out Trestique and stock up on the brand’s web site.

Do you have any tips or tricks for streamlining your beauty routine when you’re on the go? Have you tried Trestique? Let me know in the comments!

* I bought the lip crayon and eyeliner pencils, was given the mini eye shadow crayons as gifts with purchase, and received the mini lip crayon in my goody bag. Opinions are my own.