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Fabulous Links of the Week

I love the look of maroon bows!

I love the look of maroon bows!

It sure is looking Christmas-y around here! See below for some pretty wreath-inspired manis for holiday parties! And check out this young makeup artist’s epic holiday eye makeup. Also, a wine-inspired hair care line and an all-girl garage where you can get a mani/pedi while your car gets serviced, in this week’s Fabulous Links!

I love a cute Christmas manicure! I may want to rock one of these looks for the holiday events I have coming up this week. (Yahoo! Style)

How gorgeous is this snow globe eye makeup from makeup artist Ali Nordahl? She’s just 17 years old and self taught! You can see some of her other creations here. (Allure)

The hair care line Vine de la Vie contains polyphenols, the good-for-you compounds in red wine. The company says polyphenols can slow down hair’s aging process. Anything based on wine is OK by me! (Allure)

The lovely lady mechanics (shecanics) at Girls Auto Clinic Repair Center in Upper Darby, Penn., will fix your ride while you get pampered at the So Clutch Beauty Bar. I think this business model is brilliant! Why not kill two birds with one stone? (Plus, I hate the turbo-volume daytime TV they play at the place I get my car serviced.) (CBS Philadelphia)

This week on the blog, I got the scoop on SocialVend, found some cool stocking stuffers for the beauty lovers on your list, and shared my fave pics from my #naphopomo challenge on Instagram.

This month, I’m taking the 25 Days of Christmas Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram, courtesy of blogger and shutterbug extraordinaire LaShawn Wiltz of Everyday Eyecandy. I’ll be posting pics daily inspired by Christmas- and holiday-themed prompts, using the hashtag #eyecandyholidaychallenge.

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Product Review: Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift]

I am always looking for the next big thing in anti-aging creams. You know me. So I was psyched when Caudalie let me test drive its newest line of products, called Resveratrol [Lift].*

The Resveratrol [Lift] line comprises the Eye-Lifting Balm, Face-Lifting Moisturizer with SPF 20, Firming Serum, and Night Infusion Cream. In the few weeks I have been using the products, my skin has started looking noticeably brighter and firmer. And they are not too heavy, so I haven’t had any breakouts. The scent is lovely, but not overpowering.

The technology behind Resveratrol [Lift] is the result of a partnership between Caudalie Research and Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School. The partnership wanted to better understand the effect of resveratrol, an antioxidant found in cocoa plants and grape vines, on the the ways in which our cells age. The scientists saw a powerful synergy between resveratrol and micro hyaluronic acids.

This resveratrol-hyaluronic acid complex stimulated a particular gene, Has2, causing overproduction of the hyaluronic acid found naturally in cells. FYI, hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain moisture and strengthens the skin’s barrier.

“I was very enthusiastic when i saw these two ingredients working together,” Sinclair said in a press release. He went on to say the Has2 gene increased hyaluronic acid production to a higher level than he expected.

Sinclair explained that hyaluronic acid has a fairly low level of absorption. “Stimulating the Has2 gene is a significant approach because it drives cells to make their own hyaluronic acid molecules from within,” he said.

The complex also increased the activity of the genes responsible for elastin and collagen production, increased cellular energy, and prevented the formation of advanced glycation end products.

Resveratrol has gotten a lot of buzz lately, particularly for its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Have you heard about this? And do you think you’ll try Caudalie Resveratrol [Lift]? Let me know in the comments!