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Skin Cancer Awareness Month: A Multi-Pronged Approach to Skin Cancer Prevention

Some goodies from ZO Skin

Some goodies from ZO Skin Health!

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail inviting me to meet Dr. Aaron Kosins, a plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, CA, and his team while they were in New York City.

Over coffee, Kosins explained his skin cancer prevention and skin care philosophy. It has a simple, four-pronged approach:

1. Sunscreen. This one is pretty basic. “Everyone knows sunscreen is a good thing,” said Kosins. “But you need to reapply it every 90 minutes or so, and most people forget.” I always forget to reapply.

2. Antioxidants. Kosins also explained sunscreen doesn’t block all of the sun’s UV rays. Some UV radiation still gets through and causes the formation of free radicals. These free radicals cause inflammation and DNA damage, which leads to skin cancer. So you need antioxidants. These neutralize free radicals and prevent them for doing damage. One of the more popular antioxidants in skin care products is vitamin C.

3. Sun Protective Clothing. And since many people forget to reapply sunscreen and it’s not always convenient to stop and reapply when you are enjoying the great outdoors, sun protective clothing is a good idea. Kosins said he likes clothes from REI, although there are a lot of good brands out there. I know I have mentioned Coolibar and Solumbra on here before.

4. Maintaining overall skin health. Protecting your skin from the sun is very important, but you need to take care of it all. the. time. If you use retinol, it will strengthen your skin over time, and make it better able to tolerate the sun, said Kosins.

He went on to say retinol helps stimulate your skin: it distributes melanin, and builds collagen and elastin. Sun spots are less likely to form, and your cells are less likely to be damaged by UV radiation. “Think of using retinol as exercising your skin, the way going to the gym is exercising your muscles,” Kosins said.

BTW, Kosins, who is also a partner in the ZO Skin Centre in Newport Beach, sent me some products from the ZO Skin Health line.* I really love the Ossential Daily Power Defense serum and the Oclipse Smart Tone sunscreen with SPF 50. I have been using the Olluminate Intense Eye Repair cream that I got in a blogger goody bag a while ago, and I love that, too!

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. As a beauty blogger, I feel like I should devote a few posts to this important issue. So I am going to do a skin cancer-related post every week or so throughout the month. You can read my first two posts here and here.

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*The products were sent to me for my review. Opinions are my own.

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Sonia Kashuk 6-Piece KO Beauty Smokey Eye Brush Set. The set comes in this cool tray!

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This week, I made a Target run to check out the Knock Out Beauty collection by Sonia Kashuk. The collection celebrates International Women’s Month and it’s too cute!

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Product Review: Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging


I have mentioned my love of Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Body Double on here and on BeautyNews NYC. My shoulders and decolletage look <ahem!> much younger than they are <cough!>, and my skin feels silky smooth. So I couldn’t wait to try Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging products for the face.

I picked the Resist Essential Kit for dry/very dry skin and the Power Couple.* My skin is not particularly dry, and I don’t struggle with (frequent) breakouts either, thank God, but these seemed to be the best fit for my skin. I was very pleased with the kit, which comprised four products, a cleanser, an exfoliator with 5 percent alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), a day moisturizer with SPF 25, and a night moisturizer called Barrier Repair Moisturizer with retinol. I also love the Power Duo, the same exfoliator with AHA that came in the kit, and the C15 Super Booster vitamin C serum.

Testing @PaulasChoice #ResistSimpleKit and #PowerCouple #skincare #fabulousforeverblog

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I used the cleanser and the Power Duo in the morning, followed by the moisturizer with SPF. In the evening before bed, I used the cleanser and the moisturizer with retinol. I love the way my skin looks! The kit and Power Duo are reasonably priced by the way.

A few words to the wise. Do not combine vitamin C and retinol. You should also avoid combining AHA and retinol. You should use them at different times of the day, according to

Anything acidic, such as AHA (glycolic acid) and vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) will interfere with the conversion of retinol to its active form within the skin. So use AHA and vitamin C during the day and retinol-containing products at night. Here’s more from FutureDerm about combining retinoids and acidic products.

And always use sunscreen during the day. But you don’t need me to tell you that!

My only gripe? Maybe I’m just too blonde, but getting the products out of the pump was a pain. I had to unscrew the cap with the pump from the bottle! However, the Essential Kit and the Power Duo get a big thumbs up, and I would definitely buy them again.

Have you tried Paula’s Choice products? Are you familiar with Paula Begoun and her books and products?

* I purchased the Resist Essential Kit and received the Power Couple for review. Opinions are my own.