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Fabulous Links: Pandemic Edition

A little pandemic humor, courtesy of our local Athleta.

This coronavirus situation is really getting crazy! Everything is canceled or closed. I was supposed to go to Scottsdale, AZ, for a meeting. Canceled. I had planned to see Diana: The Musical on Broadway. Canceled, too. All the gyms and yoga studios in Hoboken are now closed, including the gym and yoga studio I go to. And we have a 10p to 5a curfew.

A sign of the times.

As I mentioned in my last post, blogging and photography are my therapy through all this, so I’ve put together a few Fabulous Links.

Schools are closed for at least a few weeks here. Parents with kids at home, I’ve got you. A FB friend shared a piece in Travel and Leisure saying that 12 of the world’s top museums offer virtual tours. (Travel and Leisure). And my favorite museum in NYC, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has virtual tours, too, including this tour just for kids.

I’ve got you more crafty types, too. The Craft Studio in NYC has online craft classes. Here’s their Instagram and web site.

And this is still a beauty blog, coronavirus or not. I love this advice for young women from Dame Helen Mirren. It is important wisdom that women of every age should keep in mind.

Tell me. Are you stuck at home, with or without your littles? Maybe you have survival tips to share with me and readers who are parents. Let’s talk ‘social distancing’ and hacks for life in the time of coronavirus in the comments!

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