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Photography: Timeless Asbury Park, N.J.

If you read my blog and/or follow me on Insta, you know I grew up on the Jersey Shore. Right near Asbury Park, actually. So when my photography teacher assigned us a 10-picture photo essay in black and white called Timeless [Your Choice], I picked the Asbury boardwalk. Those old buildings lend themselves very well to black and white photography. And Memorial Day was gorgeous: a bright, sunny day makes for amazing black and white photos. Enjoy!

This used to be a Howard Johnson’s when I was little. Remember HoJo’s clam strips?!

Convention Hall, with the Paramount Theater off to the side.

Aw, man. This makes me a little sad. This building used to have arcade games like Skee-Ball in it. I love a good game of Skee-Ball.

A front view of Convention Hall. Look at all that detail.

Yup, that Madam Marie’s. Immortalized in Bruce Springsteen’s song ‘Fourth of July, Asbury Park’.

Buying badges to enjoy the perfect beach day.

Last shot of Convention Hall, I promise. The lights across the top of the building say, you guessed it: Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.

And I have more! I took almost 50 pictures that day. I’ll edit them and post them this week. I also have a post about some hair faves coming up, too!

I love the timeless, vintage feel of black and white photography. Do you like black and white photos as much as I do?

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