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Miranda’ing My Way Through 2020

I recently got the chance to interview Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni, authors of the new book, We Should All Be Mirandas: Life Lessons from Sex and the City’s Most Underrated Character.* It’s a (kind of) self help book based on their popular Instagram account, Every Outfit on SATC.

As Fairless and Garroni pointed out, SATC went of the air about 15 years ago. A lot has changed since then, making flame-haired attorney Miranda Hobbes a more realistic heroine than viewers originally thought. If we look at the show with modern eyes, we really see Miranda as an aspirational character, if not the most aspirational character.

“A big part of the book is having people reclaim their identity as a Miranda and be proud of it,” said Fairless.

If you’re like me, January seemed like it lasted a whole year, and your New Year’s Resolutions don’t seem so new and fun any more. So if you’re looking to re-jump start your life in February, why not take a few cues from Ms. Hobbes?

Miranda was a smart (Harvard-educated) woman who didn’t apologize for her success. “One thing we liked about Miranda was she was very unapologetic about how ambitious she was, and how much work meant to her,” Garroni told me.

Miranda was also the most pragmatic of the Fab Four, which Garroni and Fairless think is an important quality for women to have. She would never max out yet another credit card on a pair of Manolos, like another SATC character did. <cough> Carrie <cough>

Miranda put a lot of effort into being self-sufficient: she prioritized long-term goals, such as owning her own home and making partner at her law firm. She also understood that every relationship begins with loving yourself. “I don’t think you can be a relationship without having a somewhat decent relationship with yourself,” said Fairless.

In the chapter “How to Love Like a Miranda,” the authors tried to show that marriage is not the final answer. “Marriage was a big focus on SATC, and I think it is one of the things that has changed since the show has gone off the air,” said Garroni. She also said there are many ways to have a relationship, whether that is with yourself or in a long-term relationship.

Ironically, I’m too much of a Charlotte, SATC‘s resident romantic, to ever be a complete Miranda. I’m what Fairless and Garroni call a ‘Miranda with a Charlotte rising’. Much like the fictional Charlotte York Goldenblatt, I’m in love with the idea of being in love. I admit it. But this year, I’ll keep calm and Miranda on. I’m focusing on experiences, like photography classes, rather than material things, like shoes. (I pretty much live in the same two pairs of sneakers, anyway.)

I’m also actively looking for more freelance clients this year. Don’t get me wrong. I love writing for The Doctor Will See You Now, and plan to continue, but no one wants to eat the same thing for dinner every night. So I’ve taken two seminars at the CUNY graduate school of journalism, and plan to take more at some point. I think Miranda would approve!

Tell me. Do you think women today are as focused on getting married as the ladies of SATC? Or are we starting to embrace our inner Mirandas? Let’s talk about how far we’ve come in the comments!

You can pick up We Should All Be Mirandas here.

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* A review copy of the book was sent to me for my…review. Opinions are my own.