Rebecca Perkins and Makeup After 40

Rebecca Perkins

Rebecca Perkins

I asked makeup artist and RougeNY co-founder Rebecca Perkins how women should change up their makeup routine after 40. Here are her views on the subject:

“It is important every few years to step outside of yourself, and have someone else take a look at your routine. Milestones like turning 40 are a great time for this, as 40 now isn’t what it used to be. Instead of the cliche of the short haircut and mom jeans, many women are launching powerhouse careers and starting to have babies. So it is important to keep looking fresh.

“As we age, we lose moisture in our skin, so make sure you aren’t fixating on the ‘oily’ skin you might have had as a teen, and perhaps shift to a tinted moisturizer. Mascara is also, in my opinion, the single biggest boost to waking up a look. That, and finding a signature lipstick. Not one you have to be married to, but one that you can throw on whenever you want to feel like a grown up lady who “owns it.”

I agree! As Annabelle Gurwitch told me, “This isn’t your mother’s 50, this isn’t your grandmother’s 50.” It’s not your mother or grandmother’s 40, either. I use ROC Retinol creams that you get at the drug store, CC cream, Maybelline mascara, and I am loving Burt’s Bees tinted lip shimmers. (They can also pinch hit as a blush.) I personally shy away from blue and green polish and funky nail art, but that’s just me. If the spirit moves you, go for it!

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