NeoStrata Skin Active

NeoStrata Skin Active

NeoStrata Skin Active

Recently, I began using NeoStrata’s Skin Active line. I really love it, so I wanted to share. I use the Exfoliating Wash twice a day; the Matrix Support SPF 30 in the morning; and the Cellular Restoration Complex at night. I also use the Intensive Eye Therapy and the new Triple Firming Neck Cream twice daily. A few drops of the Antioxidant Defense Serum in the morning preps my skin to face the day, and the Firming Collagen Booster Serum before bed firms and tones my skin as I sleep.

Skin Active products contain four active ingredients: retinol, a vitamin A derivative that promotes cell renewal and collagen production; maltobioinc acid, a polyhydroxy acid that acts as an antioxidant and skin conditioner; NeoGlucosamine, a proprietary ingredient the company says exfoliates, reduces pigment production, and works with retinol to support the skin’s underlying structure; and apple stem cell extract, which is supposed to preserve the function of older skin cells.

The products also contain Chardonnay grape seed extract, an antioxidant high in vitamins C and E. I have heard of using grape seed extract or grape seed oil on your skin before, but Chardonnay? Who knew?!

My skin looks and feels great since I have been using the products. My fine lines and crow’s feet are less noticeable, and my skin tone is more even. The Exfoliating Wash can be a bit drying and it makes my skin feel tight, but that feeling goes away once I apply the Matrix Support SPF 30 day cream.

A new at-home peel, called the Skin Active Perfecting Peel, is also available. It comes in a box as a three-month supply, and you use it weekly. I ordered a box, and we’ll do some sort of before and after on here.

The Skin Active line is only available through a dermatologist. However, NeoStrata sells many other antiaging products on its web site.

Check out this video about NeoStrata Skin Active:

Do you use NeoStrata products, or skincare you get from your derm?




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