Spa Heroes

A Spa Heroes box

A Spa Heroes box

If you love beauty sample services like Birchbox or Memebox, you’ll want to know about Spa Heroes, the new service started by Jeannie Jarnot, former spa director of The Carneros Inn in California. Jarnot founded the company last year, and the first box just shipped this month.

For $39 a month, Spa Hero subscribers get one full-sized “hero product” that comes wrapped in a little red face mask! The products usually retail for between $50 and $100, so $39 is a really good deal: you save up to 60 percent! If you want to buy more of your new hero, as a subscriber, you get a 15 percent discount in the online shop. You can also find supporting, or sidekick, products there, too.

Of course, you’ll get a list of product ingredients and info on how to use it. The company includes its pocket guide of “superpower ingredients,” vitamins and peptides that nourish the skin, and villain ingredients, dangerous chemicals linked to things like cancer and birth defects, in each box as well.

The September Spa Heroes box features Truth Serum face serum from Sumbody. Its sidekick is the brand’s Detoxifying Deep Sea face mask. October’s hero is Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream from Red Flower.

Jarnot told me as a spa director, she got to try lots of new products. Over time, she began to focus on those with “superpower ingredients” that were free of “villain ingredients.” She also made it her mission to simplify her clients’ search for a so-called “hero product.”

“I wanted to save people the time, energy, and frustration of finding what works,” said Jarnot. And that is the concept of the hero product: people want something that works. And once you find that hero product, you can find products that work with it and make the most of its benefits. Jarnot calls these hero helpers “sidekicks.” (Every superhero has a trusty sidekick. Think Batman and Robin.)

Jarnot said as she grows the company, she is very excited about highlighting brands founded by people who have a health story to tell. “The ability of Spa Heroes to tell their story is really exciting to me, and something we want to do more and more, because I think people really care about their health,” she said. For example, she recently spoke with a company founded by two women inspired by their struggles with infertility to start a skincare line free of hormone disruptors.

You can find Spa Heroes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Will you check it out? Do you worry about the ingredients in your skin and hair care products?






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