SkinOwl Beauty Drops PM with mangosteen

SkinOwl Beauty Drops PM with mangosteen oil

I recently came across this article about a company called SkinOwl and I couldn’t help myself. Product junkie that I am, I had to try it out. I also had a chat with SkinOwl founder Annie Tevelin.

Tevelin, a former Lancome makeup artist, was kind enough to send over the company’s newest product, Beauty Drops PM with mangosteen oil.* She also let me try the Beauty Drops with geranium oil.

I use the geranium Beauty Drops in the morning, and the mangosteen drops at night. They smell amazing. The geranium has a light floral scent that is not too overpowering. It actually smells a little herbal, if you ask me. The mangosteen smells sweet and fruity, like a strawberry milkshake. Yum.

The geranium Beauty Drops are SkinOwl’s best seller, said Tevelin. She said it is popular among women ages 30 to 45. The geranium oil in the drops brightens and decongests tired skin. “Its very enzymatic, so some people will notice an exfoliation from it,” Tevelin said. I will say I did notice some light sloughing the first time I applied the drops to my face, but they made my skin glow.

The mangosteen fruit is rich in antioxidants called xanthones, which fight free radicals and protect skin cells from further damage. Hence, its magic powers. Overall, I found that both oils really moisturized and revived my skin. I felt my skin tingle when I put them on my face, as if they were already working.

Tevelin said she likes to work with oils because the molecule of an oil is much smaller than that of a cream, so they can go deeper than creams into the layers of the skin. “That’s why people notice amazing results,” she said.

SkinOwl evolved over time, from a private Facebook group to its current incarnation as a natural skin care company, said Tevelin. The Facebook group was all women asking questions about skin care. “It was unbelievable. There was so much loyalty within the group,” Tevelin told me.

At the same time, Tevelin completed a postgraduate certificate in cosmetic chemistry at UCLA. She also did a lot of independent research. “It got to the point where I felt, ‘Why am I recommending everyone else’s products, when I could probably develop my own?,'” she explained.

And so SkinOwl, the company, was born. Tevelin introduced the first product to her Facebook group, which became SkinOwl’s fan page.

Tevelin said she is definitely interested in adding a few more products to the SkinOwl line. “People look to us for a lip product every holiday, so I’d love to bring a lip product to market,” she said. She also wants to do a face wash, and maybe an exfoliator.

“I’m really interested in bringing something to the table that is unique to the U.S., seeing as so many of our product ingredients are sourced from overseas,” said Tevelin. Her goal is to create a completely different category within skin care.

Think you’ll check out SkinOwl? Do you try to use natural skin care products?

*Products were sent to me for review, but opinions are my own.

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