Artis Makeup Brushes

Artis Brush Oval 4

Artis Brush Oval 4

I just got a makeup brush from Artis, after I saw this writeup about the company in the Huffington Post.* Artis founder, makeup artist Matthew Waitesmith, believes in the importance of how products are applied. As he told HuffPost Style, “The same set of products can give a result that looks like a glamorous cover of a magazine or can make someone look like a circus clown.” And how you apply your makeup has as much to do with the brushes you use as it does with your technique.

I tried the Artis Elite Mirror Oval 4. According to the company, this brush is best used for applying eye shadow to the lid, applying concealer under the eyes, and highlighting the brow bone. I have used the brush to do my eye makeup, and it did a great job. It was easy to handle, because it is, I think, shaped like a dental instrument. I told a friend of mine it actually reminded me of a Reach toothbrush. Remember when those first came out? It also has rubber grip on the handle, which helps.

The fibers of the brush are the company’s trademarked CosmeFibre, which is created by machines. The structure of these fibers should allow for more consistent product application compared to animal hair, the company said in the insert that came with the brush. They are very soft, and did spread the eye shadow evenly.

Here’s the Instagram I took of my brush. And check out the box it came in. The areas where you should use the brush are circled on the model’s face. Pretty genius!

@artisbrush love my Oval 4 from the #EliteCollection #beautifulbrush

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I’m going out tonight, and I’ll use the brush to do my makeup using the Hard Candy palette!

Artis Elite Mirror Collection brushes are available online, and its new Fluenta Collection is available at and

And btw, the next brush collection from Artis is based on the curve and shape of the human finger! “The finger is the first tool an artist had to create, and it is pretty remarkable in its abilities,” Waitesmith, a former senior vice president at M.A.C., told HuffPost Style. “A tool should make something easier to do, not harder. And it’s time the makeup brush did the work.”

What makeup brushes do you love? Do you invest in good brushes? Let me know in the comments!

*The brush was sent to me for my review, but opinions are my own.

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