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Lazy Summer Weekend

Lazy Summer Weekend

Happy 40th to Charlize Theron, lessons younger folks can learn from older women at work, scents that keep you happy, the beauty secrets of ever-fabulous French women, the products Town and Country’s beauty director loves, how Elle‘s beauty editors shake off anxiety, and the New York Times article that sparked a conversation about the place of glam squads in the delivery room in this week’s Fabulous Links.

Lookin’ good at 40, Charlize! [E! Online]

Experience is the best teacher, so listen to those with many lessons to share. [The Cut]

Aromatherapy to boost happiness. Can I get these scents piped into my apartment? [Well + Good]

Why French women always look so damn good! [Well + Good]

What Jamie Rosen, beauty director of T&C, uses to look as good as the jet-setters she covers. [Charlotte’s Book]

Try these beauty treatments when you feel anxious and stressed out. [Elle]

Delivery room makeovers: a do or a don’t? [New York Times]

Alyssa Hertzig, blogger at The Sparkly Life, weighs in on the Times article, and asks why we even care. [The Sparkly Life]

Elizabeth Angell, articles editor at Allure, discusses her decision not to go glam for post-delivery pics. [Allure]

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