Sarah Colonna: Has Anyone Seen My Pants?

SarahColonnaHasAnyoneSeenMyPantsI’ve always loved to read. So I try to occasionally feature books and author interviews on here. My latest find? Sarah Colonna’s hilarious new memoir Has Anyone Seen My Pants?, about life and dating in her late 30s. Colonna’s essay for Allure about posing pants-less was so funny and heartfelt, I talked the folks at Simon and Schuster into sending me a review copy.*

My favorite story from the book recounts Colonna’s ill-fated trip to the doctor in Los Angeles. The doctor, a hormone specialist, doesn’t listen to Colonna and never remembers her last name. He doesn’t have the best bedside manner, to put it politely.

After storming out of his office, Colonna does an about face, and returns to ask him for a prescription for diet pills. When he tells her she is not overweight enough for diet pills, Colonna tells him, “That’s more like it Doctor! That’s how you talk to a woman!”

Sarah Colonna is an author, actress, television writer, and stand-up comedian. You may remember her from Chelesa Lately and After Lately. I reached out to Colonna on Twitter, and she was cool enough to answer a few questions for me via e-mail.

You just turned 40. Have you gotten more comfortable in your skin and more confident as you’ve gotten older?

I never thought it would be so easy to turn 40, but it was.  I feel completely confident in who I am, and I definitely didn’t feel that way in my 20s.  I know some people say they’d love to be 20 again, but not me. NO WAY.

How has your skin care and makeup routine changed as you’ve gotten older?
I started being pretty good about taking better care of my skin in my later 20s, and now I’m really good about it. I definitely made my sun mistakes many years ago, ha! But I get monthly facials and keep up with a routine. I wear a lot less make-up now, too. 

How did you get in such great shape for the cover of your latest book?! You look awesome!
I went to so many spin classes! Nothing motivates you to workout like knowing you’re going to be pants-less on a book cover. And thank you!

You’ve been a writer and panelist on Chelsea Lately and After Lately, and you do stand-up. What do you want to do next in your career?
I’m working on an idea for a TV show based on my latest book, and my dream is for that to get on the air!

What do you see as the next chapter in your life?
Just to keep working my butt off to take my career to the next level. And I’m getting married [to Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan] in July! So that should definitely be several new chapters.
I would definitely watch a TV show based on Has Anyone Seen My Pants? Have you read any of Colonna’s books or been to one of her stand-up shows?
*I received a review copy of Has Anyone Seen My Pants? Opinions are my own.

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