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 Fans of natural beauty brands, this post is for you! The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recently announced the launch of its EWG Verified program. This program is intended to simplify shopping for natural beauty products by putting a special EWG Verified logo on the packaging of items that meet EWG’s rigorous set of standards.

EWG Verified is the next level iteration of EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, Nneka Leiba, deputy director for research of the EWG, told me. “As we looked at the market, and how we could continue to push it, we wanted to develop a program that would set the bar that much higher,” she said

Skin Deep continues to be an excellent resource, said Leiba. However, you do need a smartphone when you are shopping, to scan items to find those that score well. Or you can research products online at home. “With the EWG Verified logo, consumers can pick up a product, and at the point of sale, know that it meets our strictest criteria,” Leiba said.

I know I don’t feel like whipping out my iPhone and scanning everything, when all I want to do is make a quick beauty supply run. (Full disclosure: many times I forget said iPhone in my car.)

Companies are also on board with EWG Verified. The program has gone over really well with consumers; because of that, and because shoppers are used to using EWG as a trusted resource, companies really gravitate towards the program, said Leiba.

She went on to say by allowing companies to use the EWG Verified logo, the EWG is validating their efforts to protect consumer safety. The EWG has also heard from companies whose products don’t currently meet its criteria, and want to reformulate them so they do measure up, Leiba said

Kimberly Heathman, chief marketing officer of MyChelle Dermaceuticals, a natural skin care brand, told me getting products EWG Verified was very time consuming. “You have to show where the ingredients come from, and show all the testing that you do.” According to Heathman, MyChelle was not afraid to show any of its data, because of its commitment to transparency in the beauty industry.

The process took MyChelle about six weeks, “But to be able to register things that are so important to the consumer, and to understand they are safe and healthy for the skin, was really a huge benefit,” Heathman said.

MyChelle customers love it, too. When the company sent an e-blast to consumers earlier this month, the campaign was very successful. “Our click-through rates from the e-blast to our web site were double that of what we would have expected!,” said Heathman.

EWG launched EWG Verified in personal care first, because the organization is most familiar with personal care because of Skin Deep, said Leiba. “Ultimately, we will move the EWG Verified program to other aspects of healthy living,” she said.

According to this post on Well + Good, other companies hopping on the EWG Verified bandwagon include W3ll People and Beautycounter. You can read my review of Beautycounter’s Countertime collection here.

Do you use the Skin Deep database as a resource when shopping? Do you even think about the ingredients in your beauty products? I admit, I really don’t. At least not as often as I probably should. Let’s discuss in the comments!

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