Product Review: BabyFoot USA

The Baby Foot Kit

The Baby Foot Kit

I have been dying to try BabyFoot, the cult-fave foot peel from Japan, since it started generating buzz among beauty editors a year or two ago. I also love looking at the gross Instagram pictures of peeling feet.

So I decided to kick off the first day of summer by giving myself a foot peel while I watched an episode of Orange Is the New Black.

Basically, what you do is tear open the foil pouch, remove the cellophane booties, put them on your (clean) feet, and tape the booties shut with the enclosed tape. You are supposed to put cotton socks on over the booties.


The booties are coated on the inside with a lactic acid/glycolic acid gel that makes your feet peel. You need to stay off your feet for an hour so your feet completely absorb the gel, which is why OITNB was the perfect way to pass the time. Your feet should start peeling in a few days, revealing baby soft skin underneath.

The booties felt cold and squishy when I put them on my feet. And the gel stuff in the booties got on my fingers and made it hard to tape the booties shut. FYI, you might want to peel off a few pieces of tape and put them aside on the edge of a table before you put the booties on. It’ll make things easier.

I’ll post back next week once my feet start peeling. Here’s the before:


NSFW, I know. Have you ever tried BabyFoot or another Japanese or South Korean foot peel? I think a few different ones are available in the U.S.

You can buy BabyFoot online here.

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