Photography: Everyday Eyecandy Project 52

Remember how I said I was doing the Everyday Eyecandy Project 52 over on Instagram and Facebook? And that I’d post about my progress about once every quarter? Well, Q1 is in the books, my friends! So here are a few of my favorites.

The beginning is a great place to start. The prompt for week 1 was Me at the Beginning.

The prompt for week 6 was black and white. I love these old posts in front of the turn-of-the-century brownstones in Hoboken!

The beautiful rich colors in this photo…

…make it a good black and white photo.

The prompt for week 11 was portrait. I call this “tortitude.” I took this picture in the LHS cattery for my photography class final project.

“Bokeh” was the prompt for week 12. Bokeh is an Instagram word for limited depth of field. See how the tulip in the foreground is in focus, but the flowers in the background are fuzzy?

What can I tell you? Flowers make for great bokeh pictures…

Hope you enjoyed my favorites (so far). And can you believe it? Today was my final photography class! I’ll share some more picture stories I did for class over the next few weeks, including my final project about our local animal shelter.

Tell me. What do you like to photograph? Family? Animals? Landscapes? Let’s talk subject matter in the comments!

This year, I’m doing the Eyecandy Project 52 photography challenge. Every week, we have to take a picture inspired by a prompt, such as From Above. Some prompts are relevant to the time of year, some are more evergreen. I’m thinking I’ll post my more successful efforts here about once a quarter. Wish me luck!

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