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A few weeks ago, I got an email from Will Yin, co-founder and CEO of a new Canadian company called Scent Trunk. What Scent Trunk does is create a personalized fragrance for you, based on your preferences.

For a $4.95 shipping fee, Scent Trunk sends you a Fit Kit Scent Test palette, six little vials filled with samples from each of six fragrance families: citrus, woods, aromatic, floral, amber, and chypre.

A few of my faves: citrus, woods, and amber.

How cute is the little Fit Kit bottle?

You roll a scent onto a different pulse point, then wait 15 seconds. Repeat with each fragrance family. Then you tell Scent Trunk which scent you want as the main theme (top note) of your fragrance, and which you want as the middle note and dry down note. The company’s in-house perfumer, Sarah McCartney, creates your fragrance and sends it to you!

And for $11.99 a month, Scent Trunk will replenish your stash. Your fragrance comes in a 5-mL bottle that’s perfect for any bag or purse. You can cancel your subscription or change up your scent at any time!

I’ve really loved playing with my Fit Kit! For whatever reason, I am attracted to amber and chypre. The common ingredients in amber are vanilla, incense, and musk, while the common ingredients in chypre are fruits, moss, and patchouli. They smell like a great men’s cologne.

Yin and his college friend and Scent Trunk co-founder Richard Smale got the idea for Scent Trunk when they tried to buy fragrance at Sephora. The experience left them overwhelmed by myriad options and confusing fragrance terminology. (Bergamot? Vetevier?) They found a lot of their fellow Millennials felt the same way.

“We discovered a lot of men and women find the experience of going into a retail store and selecting a fragrance really overwhelming,” Yin told me. Many Scent Trunk customers said they liked having fragrance shipped to their doors, and suggested Yin and Smale create their own products.

But rather than create a one-size-fits-all perfume or cologne, Yin and Smale decided to let customers create their own signature scent. “We began to notice a trend where people don’t want to smell like other people,” said Yin.

Scent Trunk launched in late February of 2017, and Yin and Smale have begun to look ahead. Yin said customers have been asking for scented items such as candles, soaps, and shampoos. Customers get frustrated if, for example, the scent of their soap clashes with the scent of their shampoo. “We are thinking if we can make amazing scents, and we know what our customers like, we can personalize all their scented products,” Yin said.

Yin and Smale are also looking to collaborate with large companies. Yin said, “We think we have an opportunity to use the knowledge we’ve gained about how consumers experience their scents, and create formulas for larger brands such a Procter & Gamble and Coty.”

Did you think I wouldn’t share this cat cartoon?!

Tell me. Do you like the idea of creating your own scent? Do you like citrus-, woods-, aromatic, floral-, amber-, or chypre-based scents? Let’s talk fragrance in the comments!

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