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Self Care: Prana Brush

What does ‘self care’ mean to you? To me, it means yoga, shaving my face every few weeks (yes, it’s a thing), and the newest addition to my self care routine, dry brushing. Have you ever tried a dry brush? I’ve been wanting to try it for a while, so when Jessica Rose from Prana Brush offered to send me an ionic body brush to try, I was psyched.*

The benefits of dry brushing include detoxifying the body by improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, and reducing the appearance of cellulite. It also exfoliates your skin, and leaves it feeling like a baby’s behind.

Dry brushing can be done daily, and your skin should be, well, dry. So do it before you shower. The little card that came with the brush said for maximum benefit to your lymphatic system, start brushing the soles of your feet and work your way up and inward. Use light, gentle strokes and work your way towards the heart. Do not brush in a circular motion or away from your heart.

I’ve been doing it pretty regularly, and love the results! My skin is really soft and smooth, and as I brush, I can feel the blood coursing through my muscles. It’s really energizing!

Have you tried dry brushing? What did you think? Let’s talk dry brushing and self care in the comments!

And remember back in September, when I mentioned I was doing a photo trek to Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty in November? Well, I trekked! You can see my faves on my Instagram here and here.

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* The Prana ionic dry brush was sent to me for my review. Opinions are my own.