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Jillian Wright Apothecary Mask Bar

Jillian Wright Apothecary Mask Bar

Jillian Wright Apothecary Mask Bar

I went into New York City last week and visited the Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa to check out Jillian’s new apothecary mask bar, a first of its kind in the city. Wright told me in a email that she always dreamed of offering an apothecary mask bar. “I wanted something that was unique and raised the whole facial experience to a new level.”

A person’s skin is always changing, so Wright wants the ability to custom blend a finishing mask for her
clients each time they came in. As she put it, “To be able to create something from scratch that represents what that person needs at that particular moment is special.”

Wright said she aims for total transparency with her mask bar, with only organic and raw ingredients. She also loves that she can change up the experience by adding new ingredients each month. Regular updates to the ingredients list mean that no two masks are ever alike.

Well + Good described the mask bar as a smoothie for your skin, because its similar to green juicing, where you choose the ingredients you want in your smoothie. You pick from a menu of 19 different active ingredients and three clay bases, based on your skin concerns. Its mixed together in a little bowl with a wooden spoon, and the finished product is put into a little glass jar, like a vintage apothecary.

My mask has RASSOUL clay (Moroccan lava), which is high in minerals; Norwegian Rockweed seaweed, which is good for increasing skin elasticity and restoring youthfulness; green tea, which has polyphenols and antioxidants; rose hip, which is rich in vitamin C and firms and tones; kale, which has vitamin B, vitamin E, and copper; soothing lavender; Manuka honey, a natural humectant and antibacterial; green coffee bean extract, which has caffeine and is great for reducing puffiness; and resveratrol extract, to promote cell turnover.

A word to the wise. The seaweed smells like, um, the sea, so you may want to put a little essential oil in there to mask the fishy scent. Jillian has several oils you can choose from. (I picked orange.) And put the glass jar right in the fridge when you get home. It only has Japanese honeysuckle as a natural preservative.

The mask bar is complementary with any facial; otherwise, its $40. You can post a picture of you in your face mask to your Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #JWFacialFace. I’ll start:

My #JWFacialFace Thanks, Jillian!

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Think you’ll check out the Apothecary Mask Bar?