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SocialVend's vendmini

SocialVend’s Vendmini

I got an email right before Thanksgiving from a London-based company called SocialVend. Usually I just delete pre-holiday emails, but the subject line “Free Make-Up vending machines to launch across the U.K.” was too intriguing to ignore.

SocialVend sells these cute little machines called Vendminis. These babies are integrated with Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram; brands can use them for giveaways, marketing campaigns, and in-store sampling.

Here’s how it works. When consumers answer questions or take action on social media, for example, posting to Instagram using a brand’s hashtag, they are rewarded with free makeup goodies.

Vendminis are coming stateside, too! A number of these machines have been bought for shipping to the U.S. by the middle of January, Andrew Theodore, CEO of SocialVend, told me in an email. As a matter of fact, the Vendmini made its debut at AdTech NY in early November.

“We have been in communication with major cosmetics brands that operate both in the U.S. and the U.K.,” Theodore said. However, he declined to specify which brands expressed interest in the Vendmini or to comment on their campaigns.

Brands don’t make money from these machines. “Instead, they gain exposure on social media, raise brand awareness, allow potential customers to try their products, and obtain valuable information about consumer behavior,” said Theodore.

So keep your eyes peeled in 2017 for these machines. I’ll be looking for them and sampling away! Are you like me, and love to try free samples? Let me know in the comments!

This month, I am doing National Photo Posting Month, a.k.a. #naphopomo, over on Instagram. This challenge involves posting at least one photo daily, and my photos will celebrate something I am thankful for. Since its coming down the home stretch, I’ll post some of my fave pics here towards the end of the week.

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